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Lucy Falkenau

Banjo, accordion, xylophone, harmonica

Born to a family who could bash out tunes on piano and accordion, it was inevitable that the family "jewels" were passed on.  Love of banjo began on hearing Peggy Seeger appear with Ewan McColl in the 60's and a passionate interest in folk and early blues music began..

During the 70's Lucy toured with the Callies, a popular trio at the time that included Lindisfarne's Billy Mitchell and Geoff Heslop  She even appeared at the Marquee in London.  

Lucy was part of Fat Chance, a band in the early 80's. Big Life was also a band who were popular in the area in the late 80's .

There followed a time of solo playing and then a memorable spell of being in a duo with the wonderful George Welch.

Lucy Falkenau on accordion at The Corner House