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Ann Ridley

Vocals, ukulele, percussion, accordion

It was being a fairy that did it.

That “twinkling’ dance in ‘Cinderella’ in a draughty church hall at the age of 10, gave Ann Ridley the buzz that dreams are made of.

Following a BA in Performing Arts, Ann enjoyed roles as varied as 10 year old Simon in ‘Lord of the Flies’ and 82 year old Nana in ‘The Steal’,(about Anthony Gormley’s plaster cast models), at York Theatre Royal. 

In 2010, achieving a long held ambition, Ann acted in ‘The 56th Pier’ , a play she co-wrote and produced with a fellow actor.

Dancing, backing vocals and percussion, gave Ann fun and escapism for 10 years as a member of The Legendary 60s Band.

Playing accordion and ukulele created the opportunity to join ‘Horace Silverman & the White Gardenias’; an experience which she finds hugely uplifting.

Anne Ridley. Horace Silverman and the White Gardenias